116 Jul 2014Recounting list of 3rd Semester 2013(Winter). Phase - I
208 Jul 2014Revised programme for PDIS 1st sem. & BP students of Annual pattern 2014 exam.
301 Jul 2014Examination Programme for 1st Sem.PDIS 2014 & Annual Exam. for BP students.
428 Jun 2014Academic Calender for the Year 2014-2015.
527 Jun 2014Recounting list of 5th Semester 2013(Winter). Phase - I
618 Jun 2014Instant Exam.programme for HMCT,MOM & AA branch.
726 May 2014Submission of Answer Books of 2nd Sem.Reg 2014(S)exam.
822 May 2014Notification regarding receiving of Confidential Examination materials and OMR book for 2nd semester
921 May 2014Sparing the services of the officers to perform Flying Squad duff for the Diploma examination
1020 May 2014Appointed as Centre Supdt./Observer for 100th AITT Apprentices exam.
1117 May 2014Notification regarding Change of Time of 2nd Sem.Reg.2014(S)Exam
1217 May 2014Bill of Materials 2nd semester regular examination 2014(S)
1315 May 2014Recounting list of 6th Semester 2013(Winter). Phase - I
1415 May 2014Recounting list of 6th Semester 2013(Summer). Phase - IV
1515 May 2014Receiving of Practical Question for 2nd Semester 2014(S)
1608 May 2014Deputing faculties to the SCTE&VT for evaluation of EIM paper of 6th Semester
1703 May 2014Bill of Material for 2nd & 4th Mech. 2014(S) exam.
1802 May 2014Modification for online form fill-up of 2nd sem Reg.2014(S)
1930 Apr 2014Evaluation of Answer Books of Summer 2014 Examination.
2028 Apr 2014Conducting of PDIS 1st sem.2014 & BP 1st Yr 2014 Annual Exam.
2128 Apr 2014Publication of Verify results.
2225 Apr 2014Receive Confidential material for 2nd phase.
2319 Apr 2014Instruction to centre superintendents
2419 Apr 2014Format for flying squad report
2519 Apr 2014Relieving staff for Examination duties.